Xpanda- The Right Kind of Security That One Needs

Xpanda is responsible for providing a good range of anti-burglar protection and all the other security products. Xpanda is basically a South African company whose main aim is to provide security to its users.

Xpanda hopes to satisfy the customers to their utmost will for delivery of the highest quality products that live up to the highest standards through great services. Their main aim is to put the needs of the customer first and satisfy them first. Some of the products of xpanda are expanding barriers, roller grilles, roller shuttles, security doors, driveway gates, sub-station doors, vertical lift doors, burglar guards and sectional overhead doors.

Some of the specifications of Xpanda

If you think about what exactly is Xpanda, then it is just a form of security which one needs. It is extremely popular as it provides security along with many of its products. If we talk about Saftidor then it is actually an option of Xpanda for the entry level. This has been tried and tested for more than 30 years of experience.

Saftidor is an ideal option for the front, back and the passage doors which is when one has to remove the stacked product out of its way so that space is not lost. Saftidor is made of interlocking latticework which is why it suits up most of the wood as well as steel openings.


Some of the specifications are:

  • A very versatile kind of security door which can be easily used and operated without the need for a track. It also provides you with a barrier made of steel for security.
  • Satidor is retractable and you can also swing it very easily
  • You can find satidor in many sizes and options which you can use to be fitted on the inside or the outside of many doors.
  • Saftidors are so versatile that they can be carried and taken to be used in all kinds of windows as well as doors.
  • Saftidor also has a two-pin slam lock.

Xpanda, might be the best kind of protection one could possibly hope for

Xpanda saviour is responsible for providing 100 percent security and it is the most preferred option for preventing rust especially if you put it in the outdoor areas. Xpanda security promotes saviour to its fullest especially since it is extremely durable.

Xpanda security services are most easily available in the whole of South Africa so for anyone who wishes for double security should definitely opt for it. Do you think that it is wise enough to get the xpanda security? It surely is as this is one of the best ways to be secure and safe. One can get the xpanda security and that will ensure full safety and protection from all kinds of thefts and burglars. Setting up a perfect and secure door requires skill, knowledge and the consultation of someone who is experienced.

So, if you are really thinking about xpanda security, then you should definitely go for it!