How can a house be affected by meth contamination?

The real estate market is booming across the world and hence, every bit of property is now in demand. With the new properties costing too high, people often tend to buy resale apartments and houses. While buying properties that have had previous owners, you do have to check a lot of things. How good is the condition of the house, how well did the previous dwellers maintain the house, is it well fitted with all the basic amenities, has anything been damaged or hampered by the previous owners and a lot more.

But a recent growing concern related to buying pre-owned or resale properties is the fear of meth contamination. This situation is not only of concern for home buyers but also for prospective tenants and landlords. The percentage of meth-contaminated properties are increasing at an alarming rate and the real estate market has been hit hard by the situation. New buyers and tenants are always at the risk of ending up with a property that’s contaminated and can become a hell to live in as the years pass by.

Naturally, there has been a change in the way people look for property these days. Other things apart, they try to find out whether the property they are planning to buy or rent is under meth contamination. If you, too, are looking to identify whether a property is contaminated or not, you first need to understand how contamination occurs.

  1. Contamination by smoking

Whether you are looking for a property to buy or rent or you are a landlord willing to rent out or sell your property, you need to understand that the most common source of meth contamination is via smoking. When the dwellers of the property smoke meth on a regular basis and in high amounts, the portion of the smoke that isn’t inhaled by the smoker spreads throughout the entire property and gradually gets deposited on the walls, furnishings, etc. Long exposure to this smoke may make the house highly meth contaminated.

  1. Contamination by meth labs

Although smoking contributes maximum towards the number of contaminated properties, yet when it comes to higher contamination levels, meth labs take the lead. Not only has the number of meth smokers increased rapidly, but the number of meth labs has too. From quick one pot labs to elaborate meth preparation labs, all are being run illegally in hundreds and thousands of properties across the world and preparing meth indoors gives rise to dangerous contamination levels as the vapors of meth as well as other harmful by-products are released within the walls and get deposited in layers over the time. The result? Well, the worse that you can expect.

Given the rising concern related to meth contamination, as a property buyer or renter, it is best that you carry out meth tests before moving in. And if you own properties that are rented out, make sure that your tenants are clean before offering your house for rent or lease. Prevention is surely better than cure, and more so in this case.